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Sourcing responsibly harvested Veneers from across the globe.

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Organic Veneers are used as a decorative embellishment in interiors and decor, thanks to its unique luster and diversity of color. The Organic Series explores the beauty of nature and makes your design a timeless classic. Each and every one of our beautiful veneers offers its own special characteristics.


Synonymous to its name, the flamed collection orchestrates a smokey, rugged and a raw feel in your interiors. Sporting shades of hazelnuts to deep chocolate brown, the veneers adorn a natural sheen to scale up your interiors. The precisely implemented fumigation process evens-out the light and shadow effects of wood.


Longed for their incredible texture, meticulous grain patterns, the Metallo collection handpicks the best for the spaces that make a statement. These species capture the mid to darker hues with brown to burnt charcoalish and purple tone. This collection will add a vintage charm to your interiors.


The wood dyeing allows making the aesthetical characteristics of the veneers homogeneous, by guaranteeing the colour uniformity, by eliminating the differences between more or less dark veins, not only between trunks of the same species, but also inside the trunk itself. Achieving such reliable hues is a tedious task using painting measures. Standardized tone, shine and saturation of Dyed veneer provides a designer an unlimited palette to work on.


Viyo is pleased to announce their finely curated collection – Legna. Legna is an engineered series combining the goodness of mother nature with innovation of specialised professionals. Veneers like these help us to meet the overgrowing demand of artful designs without any limitation of quantity constraints. The picturesque designs of the Legna series will leave lasting impressions on your loved ones. Retaining the nature of wood and using craftsmanship to rediscover the living spaces.


Each piece of Wood is a unique material and the intricate combinations makes it a modern day marvel. The possibilities are endless and the Artistry Veneer is no less than a work of Art. It’s Artistic beauty is experienced from visual, tactile, audio and olfactory perspectives, making us feel comfortable and relaxed.

Let’s get together and create your dream home.

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